Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965

Photo of Craig R. Fishman
Photo of Craig R. Fishman

Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965

We Protect Your Rights Following A Work Accident Resulting In Amputation

Our Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorneys Maximize Recoveries

If you have suffered a serious injury that required the amputation of a limb, it is in your best interest to be aware of all the workers’ compensation benefits available to you in your time of need. The first step is speaking to an experienced attorney from the law firm of Fishman & Fishman, LLC.

We focus on maximizing compensation for injured workers in Cherry Hill, Camden and throughout southern New Jersey. Combining personalized representation with a laser-like focus, we will not be satisfied until you have the wage loss, medical benefits and disability compensation you are entitled to.

Contact us to learn more about workers’ comp benefits for loss of limb. We offer a free consultation at 888-339-7675.

Does Your Amputation Injury Prevent You From Working?

Depending on what limb or digit you have had amputated, and what you were doing for a living, your loss may prevent you from working temporarily, permanently or require a change of careers.

We will be your strongest advocate in making sure you have the resources you need to move forward and support your family. Whether you qualify for temporary disability benefits or permanent disability benefits, we will fight for the full amount you deserve. Our goal is to make sure you are not hurt a second time by the insurance companies that will be out to limit their payment.

Our lawyers can pursue workers’ compensation claims and third-party personal injury claims involving amputations such as lost fingers, lost toes, lost arms, lost legs, lost hands, lost feet and crush injuries.

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The time to act is now if you have lost a limb due to a workplace injury. Call us toll free at 888-339-7675 or submit our contact form to schedule a consultation. We have offices in Lawnside and Hammonton and represent clients throughout Camden County and South Jersey.