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Following are some comments regarding Mr. Fishman’s representation from area judges.

Honorable William Golden, JMC who presides in the municipal courts of Deptford, Elk Joint, Glassboro, Gloucester City, Mantua Joint, Newfield, Paulsboro, and Woolwich Joint

“The record should reflect that Mr. Fishman is not only a defense attorney in this case for …, he is probably one of the, if not the preeminent attorney for DWI defense in South Jersey.”

Honorable Steven P. Burkett, JMC, Chief Judge of Camden City Municipal Court

Judge Burkett: “It certainly gives you a lot of room for cross examination and you are one of the best and I don’t think that your client is going to be prejudiced in any way for your lack of ability, which you don’t have, I didn’t say that very well. You have a tremendous ability on cross examination to elicit what you need to elicit, especially when you find a report may be deficient.”

Mr. Fishman: “You know now that I can buy this (court) record and put that I am a good lawyer on my website.”

Judge Burkett: “I understand that you can. Actually you can.”

Mr. Fishman: “I know.”

Judge Burkett: “There is a case or a ruling or something that said you could do that. But all joking aside I mean that seriously. I have every confidence that your client is going to be very well-protected on these issues.”

Mr. Fishman: “Thank you, Your Honor. I appreciate the accolades.”

Honorable Nicholas Lacavara, JMC, who presides in the municipal courts of Alloway Township, Lower Alloways Creek, Monroe Township, Pilesgrove, South Harrison, and Upper Pittsgrove

Judge Lacavara: “Now, I know that your attorney is very experienced, perhaps one of the most experienced in all of New Jersey in these matters, and probably has explained everything in detail.”

Honorable Krisden McCrink, JMC. who presides in the municipal courts of Barrington, Edgewater Park, Laurel Springs, Magnolia, Mt. Ephraim, Oaklyn, and Waterford Township

Judge McCrink: “You’ve gotten the best of all possible worlds, and I’m sure that you recognize the hard work of your attorney. If you don’t, I can assure you that this is an exceptional result … and you should recognize the hard work … of your attorney. Don’t thank me. You need to thank him, because …”

Mr. Fishman: “I appreciate the plug, Judge.”

Judge McCrink: “It’s true. This is — maybe not all attorneys would have gotten the same result. That’s all I’m saying.”