Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965


Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965

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Experienced Advocates For Victims Of Workplace Accidents

Whether your workplace is an office building, a construction site, a warehouse or a manufacturing plant, the potential for accidents lurks around every corner. Despite taking the best precautions and following protocols, accidents can and do happen.

What can you do if you suffer a workplace accident? You can start by discussing your situation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer at Fishman & Fishman, LLC. Our firm focuses on helping injured workers in New Jersey maximize wage losses and medical benefits.

How Were You Injured At Your Job?

It does not matter whether you were injured in a workplace fall or struck by a negligent motorist while making a delivery. If your accident was work-related, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. We can help you get the resources you need to make a full recovery.

Learn more about some of the most common workplace accidents we see:

Was a third party responsible for your injury? We can help you pursue a personal injury claim for damages such as medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Talk To Us About How Accident Injuries Are Covered By Workers’ Compensation

From our offices in Lawnside and Hammonton, we represent clients throughout New Jersey, including Camden County and Atlantic County. Call us toll-free at 888-339-7675 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an attorney.