Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965

Photo of Craig R. Fishman
Photo of Craig R. Fishman

Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965

Know Your Rights If You Are Injured On A Manufacturing Job Site

We Help Injured Workers In Camden County And Southern New Jersey

Factories and warehouses are filled with safety hazards, making it important for workers and supervisors to be vigilant about safety. When accidents do happen, it is important for injured workers to understand their rights, including the right to workers’ compensation benefits for wage loss and medical expenses.

At Fishman & Fishman, LLC, we focus on maximizing compensation for injured workers by leveling the playing field with the insurance companies and aggressively advocating for our clients. We take cases in Cherry Hill, Camden and throughout southern New Jersey.

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Representing Factory And Warehouse Workers Injured In New Jersey

Our lawyers handle a wide variety of workers’ compensation claims for injured manufacturing workers, including those involving:

  • Forklift injuries
  • Falling objects
  • Improperly stacked pallets
  • Mishandling of merchandise
  • Defective machinery
  • Lifting injuries

Negligence In The Workplace

Many accidents in industrial plants, manufacturing plants and warehouses are entirely preventable when proper precautions are taken. Unfortunately, in order to cut costs, some employers eliminate or disable safety equipment in order to increase production. This leaves workers vulnerable to catastrophic injuries such as severed limbs, severe burns and crush injuries.

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