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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

OSHA revises NEP on excavation and increases enforcement

Construction employees in New Jersey who work frequently may be aware that OSHA has a National Emphasis Program for trenching and excavation. On Oct. 1, a revised NEP went into effect and initiated a 90-day outreach period for employers across the U.S. who need help complying with OSHA's safety standards. The updates come as a response to the increase in deaths and injuries among trenching and excavation workers.

Inadequacies found in OSHA's reporting of work injuries

Employers in New Jersey may know that in 2014, OSHA revised its rules on reporting cases of work-related deaths and serious injuries. Despite the fact that these rules have been in effect since January 2015, the Department of Labor's Office of Inspector General has released an audit report showing that there are inadequacies in OSHA's current data as well as a lack of assurance that employers have abated the hazards connected to the incident.

The construction industry's top five safety hazards

In New Jersey, as in other states, construction workers run a high risk of getting into accidents. Though they comprise 6 percent of the population, construction workers make up 20 percent of all private sector employee deaths. The following are the top five safety hazards that they encounter on construction sites and how they can mitigate them.

Amazon workers allege unsafe conditions

Some people in New Jersey may have heard about reports of unsafe working conditions at some Amazon warehouses. A number of workers report being injured on the job and left without income. Some even became homeless due to lost work and/or high treatment costs.

Temp workers should be guarded from noise and respiratory risks

New Jersey staffing agencies and host employers should be aware of two recent bulletins released by OSHA concerning the protection of temporary workers against noise exposure and respiratory hazards. These bulletins, which are part of the organization's Temporary Worker Initiative, provide various scenarios exploring what can happen if workers are not properly trained or protected.

Part of OSHA rule may be reversed

Workers in New Jersey may be interested to learn that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is canceling a rule that would have required employers with at least 250 workers to submit illness and injury information from Forms 300 and 301 electronically. According to the Department of Labor, the reversal of the rule will alleviate the burdens the employers experience when trying to comply with the requirements and will keep information that is personally identifiable private.

ICOH study reassesses number of asbestos-related deaths

There are probably many people in New Jersey who work in conditions where they can be exposed to asbestos. Several international organizations have estimated that 105,000 to 110,000 deaths are caused every year by this toxic mineral. However, a recent study from the International Commission of Occupational Health shows that the actual number may be twice as high.

USDA may speed up meat processing despite worker dangers

Meat workers in New Jersey and across the nation face serious on-the-job risks every day. For example, amputations, fractures, head trauma and second-degree burns are common weekly occurrences in the industry. Even so, the government is considering speeding up pig processing lines, which could make some jobs more hazardous.

Heat can be a workplace safety danger

Workers in New Jersey may face increasingly difficult and dangerous conditions on the job as the summer deepens. Heat stress can be the cause of multiple injuries and illnesses caused by an excessively hot workplace. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration recognizes the threat caused by heat; while there are no formal regulations governing heat stress and heat exposure on the job, the agency has conducted an extensive awareness campaign promoting employer use of preventive technologies to help avoid the dangers posed by heat.

NSC warns against slip, trip and fall hazards

Employers, property owners and employees alike in New Jersey will want to know what the National Safety Council has to say about one of the most common hazards in the workplace: slip, trip and fall hazards. According to the chartbook that the NSC produced in 2017, 660 workers died in 2014 after falling from a height, and 138 died after a fall on the same level.

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