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Can you receive compensation after a slip and fall accident?

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You can find potential tripping hazards almost everywhere, from wet floors and dim lighting to debris and torn carpets. While others may brush off a fall with only a scrape and some soreness, you were not as fortunate. A slip-and-fall accident can lead to catastrophic injuries such as fractures, traumatic brain injury and more.

If this resembles your situation, you may be eligible for compensation.

Why do slip-and-fall accidents happen?

Property owners, including those who operate businesses and government buildings, are responsible for maintaining a safe environment. This means performing regular inspections and promptly addressing potential hazards. However, over time, they may come to neglect their duties and unknowingly expose others to harm.

Filing a slip and fall claim

After receiving medical care, your bills and expenses may come to mind. Who will bear the costs?

Filing a slip and fall claim may help compensate you for the injuries you sustained due to another person, company or entity’s negligence or reckless actions. In other words, you could bring a claim and have the negligent party shoulder your damages.

You can file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company or initiate a personal injury lawsuit. Because of time and costs, it is often preferable for parties to settle out of court. However, if you do not reach an agreement, you can proceed with a lawsuit.

Entities such as malls, government offices, supermarkets and other property owners likely have insurance coverage. They will not be paying out of pocket. Still, brace yourself for the other party’s defenses or if they deny responsibility.

You’d need evidence to support your claim. However, these negotiations can become time-consuming and stressful, especially given your situation.

Considerations before you accept a settlement offer

Even if the other party concedes, the initial settlement may not reflect the entirety of your slip and fall damages. The insurance adjuster may persuade you to accept the deal, but looking beyond your immediate medical expenses is crucial.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you could require ongoing treatments that come with hidden costs. You may not have accounted for your pain and suffering, lost wages or other damages. This is where having an attorney can help you.

With legal support, you may better understand the compensation value that truly aligns with your needs.