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Nurses face injury on nearly every shift

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Being in a health care profession has its share of risks and hazards. For instance, nurses are frequently exposed to infections and diseases in the hospital. Assisting patients with mobility issues is also physically demanding, and it could result in injuries or long-term damage. While helping others, nurses could also be susceptible to accidents and injuries in their workplace.  

Fortunately, employees who are injured on the job are entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits. The law requires employers to have insurance for workers’ compensation to ensure that injured employees get the medical needs and benefits they deserve. Most physical injuries and illnesses you get while working as a health care worker can be compensated. This includes being exposed to hazardous chemical substances and contagious diseases, slipping or falling that resulted in back or spinal cord injuries and repetitive motion injuries. 

Once proven that the injury or illness is work-related, the following compensation is available for health care workers: 

  • Medical treatment: This covers necessary medical care, like medications, surgeries, rehabilitation and hospitalization. 
  • Wage replacement: If you cannot work for a time due to your illness or injury, you may receive disability benefits depending on the severity of your case. 
  • Vocational rehabilitation: In cases where you can no longer return to your old job, you may receive special assistance to help you find a new career. 

A workplace injury can cause a considerable disruption in your life. Aside from the physical pain, you would likely experience mental stress and financial struggles, too. Returning to the career you love after a workplace injury might also add further pressure on you. If you feel lost in the complicated realm of workers’ compensation, seek the assistance of a legal professional who will carefully listen to your story and fight to get the compensation you deserve.