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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Study links opioid use with higher risk of fatal car crashes

A study, the results of which have been published in JAMA Network Open, has found that opioid use raises the risk for fatal motor vehicle crashes. New Jersey residents should know that prior to the opioid epidemic that began in the 1990s, opioids were responsible for about 1% of driver deaths in the US whereas recent years have seen the statistic rise to 7%.

Root Insurance studies distracted driving trends

Smartphones and other mobile devices are a major source of distraction for drivers in New Jersey as elsewhere in the U.S. Root Insurance, an insurer that provides incentives to drivers who avoid phone use, has recently made known the results of its second annual distracted driving study, and they show that distractions are becoming a nationwide road safety issue.

New Jersey Car Crashes Often Result from Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has become an epidemic, according to the Ohio State University Risk Institute. In order to reduce distracted driving and create a safer driving environment, the Institute has begun an initiative designed to coordinate the efforts of dozens of companies, governmental bodies and Institute researchers. The purpose of the newly launched initiative is to create actionable change that will reduce the number of injuries and fatalities caused by distracted driving.

Legislators debate device to track distracted driving crashes

Thousands of people in New Jersey and across the country are injured or even killed each year in crashes linked to distracted driving. While most states have outlawed texting or surfing the internet while driving, distraction continues to pose a major threat to roadway safety. As a result, legislators in one state are considering adopting a still-untested technology that could allow police to determine whether a driver was using a mobile phone during or immediately prior to a crash.

Changes to sleep patterns may make driving dangerous

Residents of New Jersey and most other states in the country lost an hour of sleep on March 10. While losing an hour of sleep may not seem like a big deal, it could significantly increase a person's risk of getting into a car accident. According to research by AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety, losing that hour could double a person's risk of being involved in an accident.

Some deadly crashes could be related to opiate use

New Jersey drivers may be worried about many threats on the road, from people texting while driving to those getting behind the wheel while drunk. One study is drawing attention to another potential contributor to serious car wrecks: prescription opioids. While the opiate epidemic has attracted widespread attention as a public health crisis linked to escalating addiction and the danger of fatal overdoses, researchers have noted that the drugs could also be connected to some deadly crashes.

Why car accidents occur

There are many reasons drivers in New Jersey can get into accidents. The insurance claims adjuster and law enforcement have to determine the causes of accidents to determine who is at fault. This information is important to the police because it helps identify who should receive a ticket. It is also important for the insurance company because it helps determine who is to receive a claims payment and the amount the payment is to be.

Study shows more drivers using phone in dangerous ways

New Jersey drivers might be using their cell phones to make calls less frequently, but the incidence of using them to text, email or in other ways while behind the wheel might have increased. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released on Jan. 24, in 2018, it was 57 percent more likely that drivers would be seen using their phones for non-calling purposes compared to 2014. However, fewer drivers were using the phone to make calls in 2018.

Collision avoidance systems will reverse spike in traffic deaths

Advanced collision avoidance technologies in cars will soon make roads in New Jersey and elsewhere much safer, according to a new analysis by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This will reverse the increase in U.S. traffic fatality numbers that has occurred over the past seven years.

How drivers can stay safe in the winter

Drivers in New Jersey should keep the following tips in mind before they head out in icy or snowy conditions. It all starts with having a properly winterized vehicle. A mechanic could check components like the battery, brakes, spark plugs and ignition. The mechanic could also ensure the right tire pressure and antifreeze levels.

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