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Workers' Compensation Archives

5 workers injured in blast may seek workers' compensation

A construction accident injured five construction workers -- one of them critically -- on a recent Wednesday morning, officials said. The accident, which involved an explosion, occurred in Bayonne at a former Military Ocean Terminal, according to police. When New Jersey workers are injured in construction accidents, they typically have the right to file for workers' compensation.

After accident, worker may seek workers' compensation

An out-of-state construction worker suffered a severe work injury recently that resulted in a trip to the hospital. The man was reportedly partially run over on a recent Friday morning in February. The man had been at work at a construction site, local police said. Just as he will likely seek to file a workers' compensation claim, construction workers in New Jersey who are injured while at work may be entitled to do the same.

Construction accident could lead to workers' compensation claim

A construction accident that took place out of state resulted in the death of one worker and seriously injuries for another. It occurred when a vehicle ran off the road, traveling into the construction site where the workers were, police say. When an accident like this occurs in New Jersey, injured workers -- and the surviving families of workers killed on the job -- are entitled to file for workers' compensation benefits.

Family of killed repairman may seek workers' compensation benefit

An elevator repairman was killed in a work-related accident recently. The fatal accident occurred on a recent Tuesday in Guttenberg, Hudson County. When loved ones in New Jersey are killed in work-related accidents, their loved ones and or dependents likely qualify for workers' compensation death benefits.

2 injured workers may seek workers' compensation after accident

Two construction workers were recently involved in an incident at work that resulted in both suffering injuries. The incident occurred in Hudson County on a recent Friday in January. When New Jersey workers suffer injuries while at work, they are legally entitled to submit claims for workers' compensation benefits.

Family of killed worker entitled to workers' compensation benefit

A recent construction accident involving a crane claimed the life of a construction worker. The accident occurred at a construction site located out of state on a recent Wednesday morning in January. When New Jersey workers die as a result of a work injury, their dependents typically file for workers' compensation death benefits.

Wall falls on worker -- he may qualify for workers' compensation

A worker was air-lifted to a hospital by helicopter after a section of a wall that he had been dismantling fell on him. The accident took place on a recent Tuesday morning in December in a warehouse located in another state. When similar construction accidents occur in New Jersey, the worker is typically entitled to file a workers' compensation claim for benefits.

Fatal accident, workers' compensation death benefits

A construction worker was killed in an out-of-state job site accident recently. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now investigating the causes of the worker's death. When workers are killed on the job in New Jersey, their loved ones are typically entitled to submit a workers' compensation claim for death benefits to help them with various financial matters related to victim's passing.

After accident, officer may file for workers' compensation

Some New Jersey residents are involved in lines of work where the chance of becoming injured while performing their job responsibilities is greater than the average employee. One of these lines of work is law enforcement. Between chasing down suspects and operating vehicles at high rates of speed at times, the chance for injury is great. Luckily, injured police officers can file workers' compensation claims to lessen some of the hardship incurred if an accident occurs.

Workers' compensation likely for man who fell 3 stories

Work accidents at New Jersey construction sites happen with such frequency that they seem to be a fact of everyday life. Due to the use of heavy equipment, the heights to which workers must often climb as well as other dangerous aspects of construction work, it is no wonder that accidents occur -- even on the safest of job sites. A recent construction accident resulted in a worker being injured and may lead the individual to file for workers' compensation.

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