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“100 deadliest days” for teen drivers are in summer

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Ford Motor Company states that the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is an especially dangerous time for teen drivers, who are inexperienced to begin with. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, calling this period the “100 deadliest days for teen drivers,” found that the fatal car crash risk for teens increases 15% during summer. Parents in New Jersey are thus advised to teach their teens about safe driving, over and over again if necessary.

Teens spend more time behind the wheel in summer than in any other season, so it’s important that they know their roads, exercise caution in construction zones and avoid driving at night as much as possible. With the approach of Independence Day and other opportunities for partying, teens should know the danger of drowsy, drunk and drugged driving.

With so many teens using smartphones, parents must reiterate that all phone use constitutes a distraction behind the wheel. Even talking with passengers can take one’s attention from the road, so teens should keep passengers down to a reasonable number.

Teens are advised to take others’ safety into account, too. They can be conscientious passengers, warning the driver about distractions and sending texts in the driver’s stead. Before going out, teens should ensure proper vehicle maintenance.

Negligence, whether on the part of teen or adult drivers, can form the basis for a claim under auto accident law. Those who are seriously injured may be able to file a third-party insurance claim after filing with their own insurance provider as is required in this state. This third-party claim could might those losses that go beyond medical expenses. To see if they qualify for compensation, victims may want to see a lawyer. The statute of limitations on personal injury claims is two years.