Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965

Photo of Craig R. Fishman
Photo of Craig R. Fishman

Tried And True Attorneys Standing Up For The Injured Since 1965

Injured In A Car Accident In South Jersey?

If you have sustained an injury in a car accident, you are probably facing several pressing issues. In addition to pain and physical hardships, you are dealing with medical bills, auto repairs, insurance companies, lawyers and possibly even law enforcement.

Let our experienced injury attorneys at Fishman & Fishman, LLC, face this onslaught for you so that you can focus on recovering from the trauma of your accident. Our firm handles car accidents and other personal injury cases in Cherry Hill, in Camden County and across southern New Jersey. We help with immediate issues. We work to maximize your compensation. Don’t get hurt twice by hiring the wrong lawyer.

See A Doctor And Hire A Lawyer As Soon As Possible

Fishman & Fishman can provide representation to all victims of motor vehicle accidents, from drivers and passengers to pedestrians and bicyclists. We have seen every degree of injuries, even car accidents resulting in wrongful death. We have wide experience with motor vehicle collisions in Atlantic County and beyond, including:

  • Accidents involving trucks
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Crashes caused by distracted drivers
  • Accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike

No matter how minor you may think your injury is, it’s hard to know how severe it is until you have seen a doctor. A qualified physician should work with your attorney to determine the immediate and potential long-term effects of your accident. Based on the information from your doctor, we will be able to seek maximum compensation for your injury.

Time Is Of The Essence In Car Accident Lawsuits

It is essential to get legal advice immediately after an accident. Insurance companies will be contacting you to obtain your statement. Evidence and witnesses disappear. Know your rights and what to do after an accident. It is important that you do not speak to the insurance company without the counsel of an experienced attorney. When you have hired one of our attorneys from Fishman & Fishman, LLC, you will likely never have to speak to insurance agents, lawyers or other third parties, as we will deal with them on your behalf.

Trusted Legal Guidance For Victims Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you are suffering from a car accident injury, we understand that this is a difficult time for you. We offer free initial consultations and can meet clients at our locations in Lawnside or Hammonton. If you are in the hospital, we will come to you. Call 888-339-7675 or complete our online form to learn more about how we can help.