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New Jersey car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in recent wreck

Police in New Jersey are investigating the cause of a recent wreck that left one man dead and another man injured. Sadly, car accidents that have such outcomes are fairly common. If this event was the result of negligent actions, the surviving victim and possibly the family members of the deceased may have legal recourse.

According to reports, just before 6 a.m. on June 15, a Honda Accord and a Honda CR-V collided in the southbound lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike. It is still unclear how this incident happened, but the force of impact sent the sedan into a guardrail. The driver of the Accord -- a 22-year-old male -- died from the injuries he suffered, while his passenger -- also a 22-year-old male -- suffered serious injuries and was transported to a medical facility. His current condition is unknown.

New Jersey workers' compensation: Burn injury facts

Burn injuries can happen in a number of work environments. While many only result in minor injuries, those burns that are moderate to severe can have significant, if not fatal, consequences for the victim. New Jersey residents who have suffered burn injuries while on the job or who have lost loved ones whose burn injuries at work resulted in fatality may be entitled to access workers' compensation benefits in order to cover any medical costs and ease financial needs.

Burns are classified by how much damage they do to one's skin. First degree burns are the most common. These will cause the skin to turn red and cause pain, but they will not cause blistering. Then there are second degree burns. This level of burn will result in skin blistering, pain and cause the injury area to thicken.

New Jersey drunk driving accidents: Hit-and-run driver arrested

On the evening of May 31, a cyclist in New Jersey was struck by a Ford pickup truck and badly injured. The driver fled the scene but was followed and arrested a short time later. Police believe that impairment contributed to this man's actions. Sadly, drunk driving accidents can have terrible consequences for everyone involved.

According to a news report, at approximately 7:30 p.m., a 49-year-old male was driving his pickup truck on Fairview Avenue in Verona when he hit the cyclist. The victim -- a 51-year-old -- was transported to an area hospital. As of the last report, this individual was said to be in stable condition.

Don't wait too long to file a workers' compensation claim

Numerous New Jersey residents suffer injuries while on the job every year. Those whose employers offer workers' compensation insurance can seek to have their losses covered. However, waiting too long to report an injury and file a claim can result in one fending for oneself.

After getting hurt while at work, the first thing to do is seek medical treatment. This is true even if the injury seems relatively minor. After receiving the necessary medical care, then one can file a workers' compensation claim through his or her employer.

New Jersey drunk driving accidents: Fatal hit-and-run collision

A young man who was set to graduate from Rutgers University this month was hit and killed by a drunk driver just two days before the commencement ceremony. This accident occurred Friday, May 12, in Linden. According to the laws of New Jersey, surviving family members of those killed in drunk driving accidents may have legal recourse.

According to reports, a 23-year-old male, who is said to have very politically active and looking forward to using his education to better the community, was making his way home when he was hit by an automobile. Sadly, he died shortly after the incident. The driver responsible reportedly fled the scene.

Car accidents and sleep apnea -- how are they related?

Numerous individuals in New Jersey can been seen driving around while drowsy. A lot of people struggle to sleep for various reasons, and it really can have a negative impact on how well they function during the day. For some, though, the lack of sleep is caused by the medical condition sleep apnea. Due to the impact this disorder has on the body, those with it are more likely to cause car accidents than those without it.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, roughly 25 million Americans suffer with some level of sleep apnea. Whether one's case is mild or severe, it can still cause one to be tired during the day. This, of course, can make one prone to falling asleep at inopportune times -- such as while driving.

New Jersey motorcycle accidents: 1 killed recent crash

A recent crash between a car and a motorcycle is responsible for the death of a Drew University student. This tragic event occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike the evening of Sunday, April 30. When motorcycle accidents have fatal outcomes, such as this one, the victim's surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

According to reports, a 21-year-old male was operating his motorcycle in the right-hand lane of the New Jersey Turnpike when a car in the middle lane struck him. The force of impact sent the motorcycle into a concrete barrier and the rider flying off his bike. He was transported to a hospital for treatment. Sadly, his injuries were just to severe, and he died a short time later.

New Jersey animal bites: Woman awarded $850,000 in dog bite case

Tending a neighbor's animal while he or she is out of town or unable to for whatever the reason is something that many New Jersey residents are more than willing to do. What happens, though, if that animal attacks and injures its temporary care giver? Injuries from animal bites or aggressive behavior can be extremely damaging to the victim.

It was recently reported that a woman in Morris County won quite the jury verdict in a dog bite case against her neighbor. According to the story, this individual was taking care of her next door neighbor's German Shepherd/ Chow-Chow mix when the dog bit her on the face and knocked her to the ground. As a result of this incident, the woman had to undergo reconstructive surgery on her face and has had several back surgeries as well.

New Jersey workers' compensation: Not all injuries are physical

When most think of on-the-job injuries, physical injuries are the first come to mind. But what happens if one's injuries are not physical, but psychological in nature? Are mental health issues covered under workers' compensation in New Jersey?

There are many people in New Jersey who are exposed to pretty awful things in their lines of work. Witnessing or helping after catastrophic events can certainly take its toll over time. Those who are exposed to such things -- such as rescue workers and medical providers -- are prone to experience something experts call traumatic incident stress.

New Jersey car accidents: Fatal crash caused by wrong-way driver

A fatal crash that occurred on Easter Sunday is being investigated by New Jersey authorities. Two people died in the wreck, and three others were injured. Following car accidents of this nature, if negligence is believed to have contributed, victims or their surviving family members may have legal recourse.

According to a recent news report, a 31-year-old male was driving his vehicle on Route 9 when his car was struck by a minivan. He died in the wreck, and his three passengers all suffered injuries. As of the latest report, two of the passengers were initially listed in serious condition, while the other was treated and released.

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