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Reducing the risk of work-related accidents and injuries

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Employers are legally responsible for the safety of workers. Ignoring workplace safety can have negative consequences for both workers and the business. As such, it is important for employers to ensure the safety of their workers to protect their health. 

A safe place to work  

To keep the workplace safe, employers can focus on these five areas:

  1. Safety training and education: Employers must educate workers about safety through training programs. Information is key to preventing work-related accidents. 
  2. Regular inspection: Employers must conduct regular safety inspections and risk assessments. They must ensure all machinery is in good working condition and safe for employee use. 
  3. Staffing levels: Employers must ensure there are enough workers each shift to prevent employee fatigue. 
  4. Employee concerns: If a worker reports a safety concern, employers should investigate immediately. Addressing concerns as soon as possible helps prevent dangerous situations from continuing. 
  5. Supply proper safety equipment: Employers should supply workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) for any tasks or roles that require it.  

Ensuring the workers’ safety is an ongoing process to avoid work-related injuries and accidents. Employers can put in place other safety measures they see fit besides these five areas.

Risks of an unsafe workplace 

If workers get hurt or sick on the job, they may have to pay medical bills and miss work. This may jeopardize their income and benefits. Employers may also face expensive fines and penalties for not prioritizing safety. To prevent these consequences, employers may set up safety measures following the occupational safety guidelines. 

Plus, doing so can lower the risk of injuries and workers’ compensation claims. This helps both the employees and the employer. 

Creating a safe and productive environment is necessary. However, employees may still face work-related risks. Employers must remind workers to be aware of their surroundings to prevent injuries.