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Construction workers have rights to health and safety

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Construction work is physically demanding. It involves many potential hazards that significantly increase the risk of personal injury and illness. Construction workers can fall off rooftops and get seriously hurt by the heavy machinery and equipment around the construction site. They also risk exposure to silica dust and asbestos. As a construction worker in New Jersey, you should know how the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Occupational Safety and Health Act protects your rights to a safe working environment.

The right to receive health, safety and job training

Construction work is project-based, meaning the type of work you will do is contingent on the work necessary to fulfill a project. Your employer must ensure you know how to do your job safely. You should know how to use the machine if you are a crane operator. You should know the safety protocol for working at a height or with certain toxic substances and combustible material. The employer must communicate the health and safety measures and training in a language you are comfortable with and understand. You should know what to do and how to do it safely.

The right to safety equipment and personal protective equipment

It is not enough to know how to do something safely. Construction workers also need suitable personal protective equipment. Their employer should provide adequate PPE without charge.

The right against exposure that goes beyond permissible exposure limits

Employers must implement guidelines to monitor and limit the exposure of construction workers to potential health hazards and toxic substances. Longer shifts put workers at a higher risk for critical illness and harmful exposure. Permissible exposure limits set regulatory parameters on exposure to dangerous elements, materials and substances.

The right to equipment and machinery that are reasonably safe to use

The equipment and machinery provided by your employer should be functional and well-maintained. The machinery at the construction site should be safe to use and be around.

The right to report work-related injury or illness

When construction workers suffer an injury or illness because of their job, they have the right to report it to their employer and receive workers’ compensation benefits. The employer should not make filing a claim hard for the worker. Similarly, an employer should not retaliate or act adversely against a construction worker because of upholding their rights to safety and health.