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New Jersey has its worst road fatality total since 2007

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Toward the end of every year, New Jersey and states across the nation assess the accident statistics to determine whether safety is improving. With the steps taken by legislators, law enforcement and safety advocates, there was hope that there would be a reduction in crashes and fewer injuries and fatalities.

Unfortunately, driver behaviors and other factors have combined to counteract safety initiatives. When taking to the state roadways, it is essential for people to be fully aware of the possible dangers they may face. While avoiding accidents is obviously preferable, it is also wise to know what to do after an accident has already happened.

Initial fatality statistics for 2022 show worrisome rise

The most recent statistics for 2022 released by the New Jersey State Police show that there were just under 700 people killed in auto accidents for the year. This was slightly more than there were in 2021. It worst year since 2007. In addition, this was the fourth consecutive year in which the numbers rose.

Breaking down the fatalities in New Jersey showed the diversity in how people lost their lives. Of the road deaths, 190 pedestrians were killed. This was 13 more than in 2020 and 25 fewer than in 2021. Seventeen bicyclists lost their lives. This too was fewer than in 2021 when 26 were killed.

A State Division of Highway Traffic Safety initiative is distributing funds for local areas to enhance safety. The objective is to educate drivers on the risks of driving under the influence, distracted driving and to highlight the importance of watching for motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Federal safety initiatives are centered on speeding and driver behaviors. New Jersey also has its own version of the Vision Zero program which is meant to end road fatalities in the future. New Jersey’s plan – Toward Zero Deaths – has critics saying that it is not as effective as Vision Zero.

Experienced guidance can be helpful after an auto accident

No one thinks they are going to be in an auto accident when they head out in the Garden State. As this analysis says, not only do crashes keep happening, they are occurring more frequently with a rising total of fatalities.

When there is an accident, people can be confronted with a litany of challenges financially, physically and personally. For help with ensuring that there is a full recovery in all aspects, it is useful to have professional assistance with deciding on a strategy to move forward.