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Trucker distractions that contribute to truck accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

New Jersey vehicle accidents involving large commercial trucks and small automobiles rarely turn out well for the smaller vehicle and its occupants. Even if those in the smaller vehicle survive the truck accident, they will likely suffer serious or catastrophic harm. Remaining safe and injury-free is a goal shared by truckers and other drivers alike, yet crashes still occur, resulting in physical and financial hardships for the victims.

In a time of growing awareness about the dangers associated with truck accidents, many want to know why these crashes continue to injure innocent victims. In many cases, distraction behind the wheel is the answer. Truckers are not immune to distraction, even when they keep safety in mind. Common trucker distractions aside from cell phone use include the following.

Dispatch devices: Big rig drivers often use dispatching devices to maximize their productivity and to navigate roadways. Unfortunately, truckers who use such devices while driving are nine times more likely to experience a “safety-critical event.”

Writing and reading: Truckers who engage in activities such as reading directions, looking at maps or jotting down notes are more at risk of causing truck accidents. Drivers who do these things while parked make the roads a much safer place.

Eating and drinking: Truck drivers have a lot of deadlines to meet, which can lead them to take their meals while driving. While it might not seem dangerous to eat on the road, anything that takes one’s attention away from driving can lead to an accident.

Giving massive trucks a little extra room on the roadways can help you avoid some collisions. However, it is not a foolproof method. If you do suffer injuries in a truck accident, filing an injury claim can compensate you for your harm.