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Head-on crashes: Significantly dangerous and debilitating

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A head-on collision could lead to significant injuries or death. This kind of collision is one of the worst that you can be involved in.

Why? Both your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle may hit at full speed from opposite directions. That impact is going to be much more significant than one where you’re hit from behind or from the side.

In a head-on crash, it’s possible to suffer numerous kinds of injuries such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken ribs
  • Internal injuries from the impact of the seat belt, especially if it doesn’t sit correctly across the pelvic region
  • Head trauma from the impact of the air bag
  • Lacerations or burns

It’s horrible to think about being involved in this kind of crash, but did you know that people, on average, file a claim for a car crash every 17.9 years? That means that you’re likely to be involved in at least a few crashes during your lifetime, even if you’re a cautious driver.

Fortunately, since there are around 10 million crashes annually, many of the collisions people find themselves in are minor. The few who end up in serious collisions are unlucky and unfortunate, though.

What happens if you’re the one who is involved in a significant head-on collision?

People who are involved in serious head-on collisions may notice right away that things are going to change. It’s normal to suffer from debilitating injuries, like spinal injuries or head trauma, and those injuries could take months, years or a lifetime to heal. Some people never fully recover, and that is something that will not only affect them but also their loved ones.

At the scene, you should always go to the hospital, even if you don’t know if you’ve suffered any major injuries. In serious crashes, many people find themselves in shock, and they may not feel the injuries that they have suffered like they might in some other circumstances.

After a crash that results in serious trauma, you will need to closely follow your medical provider’s orders and treatment plan to help you recover as much as possible. You will be able to pursue a claim against any driver who struck you. If they are at fault for the crash, you can ask that they cover your financial losses, such as your lost wages, medical care expenses and other financial concerns. You need to do what you can to recover that compensation, so you can continue to get the highest level of care in the future.