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The New Jersey winter increases your risk of slipping and falling

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When the full force of winter hits New Jersey, life can become infinitely more difficult. Your daily commute will take longer and likely feel much more stressful because of the risk of skidding or whiteouts. Running errands can also be more stressful, especially as the holidays approach and there are more frantic shoppers in the stores.

You might not even think of it, but just getting into and out of the store safely becomes more difficult once winter weather rolls into the Garden State. With the accumulation of ice and snow comes the risk of people slipping and falling. Many businesses are not proactive enough about keeping their floors dry and their parking lots safely clear of ice and snow.

While many slip-and-fall accidents don’t produce serious injury, some people wind up with severe, even permanent injuries as the result of slipping and falling. If you have lost income or incurred substantial medical expenses, you may have the option of filing a premises liability claim or lawsuit against the business where you got hurt.

New Jersey businesses should have active premises liability policies

Premises liability is the legal responsibility for the consequences of people entering your property. When you open a store or office to the public, the people who visit you could potentially wind up hurt as a result of their time in your store.

Premises liability laws make property owners responsible for the financial impact of any accidents or injuries that occur on their property. To offset that risk, companies typically have premises liability insurance policies in place intended to protect them from financial hardship if someone slips and falls while visiting the business.

For some individuals who get hurt during a trip to the store or a visit to their accountant, connecting with compensation for their medical expenses and lost wages can be as simple as filing a premises liability claim with the company that underwrites the insurance policy for the business.

Sometimes, you will have to take civil action against the business

Some companies struggle to make financial ends meet and may make questionable decisions regarding their budgets. Like minimum wage workers who just can’t afford the cost of motor vehicle insurance, struggling businesses may not be able to pay the premium on their premises liability policy, which means they don’t currently have coverage.

In that scenario or in a situation where the medical consequences and costs of an injury far exceed the insurance coverage available, individuals who get hurt at a business may need to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit.

Any provable financial losses, ranging from the pay you didn’t receive because you got hurt to the cost of physical therapy to help you walk without pain, could become the responsibility of the business. You may have to file a personal injury lawsuit related to your premises liability claim to connect with the compensation you need.