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A brain injury can have life-changing consequences

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Car and truck crashes have the potential to cause victims to suffer from brain injuries. A person might hit their head on the windshield, be thrown from the vehicle or even hit their head on the steering wheel. Sometimes, brain injuries can happen without a direct impact. A sudden jolt or stop could result in injuries when the brain moves inside the skull, eventually hitting the skull and suffering from that impact.

There are safety tips that can help prevent this kind of injury in a crash, such as wearing a seat belt or making sure your airbags work properly. However, many people suffer injuries even when they’re doing everything right.

How does a brain injury affect a victim?

It depends on the injury and which part of the brain is affected. For example, someone who hits the back of their head may have trouble with vision, while another person could have speech difficulties from another area of the brain being injured. The only way to know exactly how a patient has been affected is by having them go to the hospital and having a medical exam, and all diagnostic tests, performed.

Emergency care is essential for brain injuries

Emergency care is important for those who have hit their heads. Even if they seem fine at the scene of the accident, a brain injury can change over time. The brain may swell, for instance, which causes secondary injuries and cell death.

Minor brain injuries are likely to affect the brain cells only temporarily, but more severe cases can lead to long-term symptoms, complication or death.

How are brain injuries treated?

This also depends on the severity of the injuries. For example, someone who has speech difficulties after a brain injury may need to go through speech therapy. Someone who has lost their vision may have to go through occupational therapy.

Immediately following the injury, victims should receive medical care that will aim to reduce swelling and minimize the impact of the injury. Some patients may need surgery to reduce pressure.

A brain injury is dangerous, since the brain has little room to swell. If the brain continues to swell in the skull with nowhere to go, the pressure from the skull can cause further cell damage and potentially death.

If you have suffered a brain injury, you may need long-term medical care and rehabilitation. Every patient is different, so it’s important to discuss your needs with your doctors and to make sure you get compensated fairly for the crash’s results.