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Broken bones are common in motor vehicle accidents

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Any type of motor vehicle accident, even one in which both vehicles are moving at a slow rate of speed, has the potential to result in a broken bone (or bones).

If you suspect this injury in the aftermath of an accident, administer first aid until paramedics arrive. From there, you can head for a local hospital where your medical team can take over your treatment.

There are many ways to treat a broken bone, with this based largely on the location of the break, the type and any collateral damage.

Here are some things you’re likely to discuss with your doctor:

  • Setting the leg: If you have a displaced fracture, for example, your doctor may need to manipulate the pieces back together before applying a cast or splint.
  • Immobilization: This is critical to making a full recovery, as it keeps your bone in place during the healing stage. For example, if you break your wrist, your doctor will cast it and leave it on for a period of six to eight weeks.
  • Medication: There are both over-the-counter and prescription medications that can help you deal with the pain. This is most often necessary in the days immediately following the injury.
  • Surgery: It’s not always required, but there are times when surgery is necessary to implant rods, plates or screws. This is typically the result of loose bone fragments, unstable fracture, multiple fractures to the same bone and a fracture that damages a joint.
  • Physical therapy: Once your splint or cast is removed, you’ll find that your strength and flexibility is nowhere near what it used to be. Fortunately, through physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises, you’re able to regain strength and flexibility, thus allowing you to make a full recovery.

If you suffer a broken bone in a motor vehicle accident, do whatever it takes to receive immediate treatment from a qualified medical professional. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can reduce your pain and start the recovery process.

Once you’re able to do so, file an insurance claim with your car insurance company. Also, learn more about other steps you can take to receive compensation for your injuries.

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