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Your rights as an injured nurse in New Jersey

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Workers in any industry can become injured at work through no fault of their own. Some industries are inherently more risky, however, due to the nature of the work involved. Since nursing is a relatively active role, it is much more high risk than a typical desk job.

Workers employed by the vast majority of employers in the state of New Jersey are legally protected by workers’ compensation when they become injured. This means that under the right circumstances, they are entitled to receive compensation for a portion of their lost wages, as well as compensation for any necessary medical bills associated with the injury.

If you are a nurse in New Jersey and you were injured while at work, it is important that you do not go without the support you are entitled to. You should actively learn more about your rights to workers’ compensation insurance and be proactive in your approach.

What types of injuries can I gain compensation for?

The injury could potentially be in any form, but it must have occurred when you were participating in a work-related activity. For example, if you were lifting a patient in the hospital and you injured your back, this would be defined as a work-related injury.

How do I take action after I am injured?

It is vital that you inform your manager as soon as possible after you sustain the injury. If you wait too long, you may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. Your employer has the duty to provide a workers’ compensation claim form after you have notified them of the incident. Under New Jersey law, your employer and their insurance provider have the right to select the health care provider that they deem to be appropriate.

Who is responsible for investigating my claim?

Your employer’s insurance provider will have the duty of investigating your claim and the associated eligibility for compensation.

If you are suffering financially due to an injury at work as a New Jersey nurse, you should make sure to understand the claims process when applying for workers’ compensation. Delaying action might lead to a missed opportunity.