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NSC warns against slip, trip and fall hazards

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Employers, property owners and employees alike in New Jersey will want to know what the National Safety Council has to say about one of the most common hazards in the workplace: slip, trip and fall hazards. According to the chartbook that the NSC produced in 2017, 660 workers died in 2014 after falling from a height, and 138 died after a fall on the same level.

The hazards that contribute to slips and trips are often overlooked, especially in familiar surroundings and environments. When people do spot hazards, they all too frequently ignore them, assuming that others will do something about them. The NSC advises such people to always consider the bigger picture and report them.

To protect themselves, workers and entrants on a property should avoid walking fast, avoid cell phone use and other distracting behavior, note changes in elevation and, if possible beforehand, wear shoes that are appropriate for the surface they’re walking on. They should also clean up spills as soon as possible and take note of adverse weather conditions.

Falls from great heights are intrinsic to the construction industry. For this reason, the NSC recommends that construction employers conduct job hazard analyses and have a clear fall prevention plan in place. Workers should know how to use fall prevention equipment and always secure ladders on a sturdy basis.

Even with all these safety precautions, there can be accidents. Regardless of who is to blame, victims can still be reimbursed for their short- and long-term medical expenses and a percentage of their lost wages by filing aworkers’ compensation claim. This will waive their right to sue their employer regarding the same claim.