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Avoid car accidents with safe winter driving tips

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2017 | Uncategorized |

With winter weather comes the potential for dangerous road conditions. Take extra precaution by outfitting vehicles with an emergency road kit. Include kitty litter for wheel traction, a shovel and ice scraper. Check the tire pressure and windshield wiper blades for wear, and make sure that the gas tank and all fluid levels are topped off. In New Jersey, drivers can avoid car accidents by taking the time to prepare their car and themselves for winter driving conditions.

The experts at AAA suggest maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, especially when roads are snow or ice covered. Drive at a safe speed and be prepared for sudden stops. Posted speed limits are set for ideal driving conditions, not icy ones. Studies show that it takes a vehicle nine times longer to stop in bad weather.

Pack a winter survival kit with a flashlight, fresh batteries, blanket, gloves and boots. Add a supply of protein bars and water along with a small first-aid kit and a battery-powered radio. It is also recommended that drivers remove bulky outerwear before getting behind the wheel so that they have better control. Heavy coats impede arm movement, and smoothness is key when driving in bad weather.

While being prepared for winter weather driving is important, there may be times when car accidents cannot be avoided. In New Jersey, if someone is injured or killed because of another person’s negligent driving, an experienced personal injury attorney may be able to help victims or the surviving families of deceased victims. The attorney can assess the circumstances underlying the accident and guide them through the claims process.

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