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New Jersey car accidents: firefighter killed in car crash

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2017 | Car Accidents |

A town is in mourning today after a member of the Jersey City Fire Department died in an early morning car accident. The 29-year-old died just two days before he was to take his captain’s test for the New Jersey Fire Department. The firefighter, a decorated U.S. Navy Veteran, was a backseat passenger in one car involved in the head-on collision on Paterson Plank Road. Car accidents such as this one are hard for everyone involved to overcome.

The fire department’s acting chief was emotional as he talked about the up-and-coming firefighter. The young man had served his country and would have served Jersey City as a firefighter. The former soldier joined the department along with an elite class of military veterans. They were the first class to graduate as certified medical technicians.

Authorities said the fireman came from a long line of police officers and firefighters. His father was a retired Jersey City police officer, and his mother was a trauma nurse at Jersey City Medical Center. Many of those who tried to save his life knew him personally. The entire family had dedicated their lives to Jersey City public service. After meeting with family members, the acting chief, along with the department chaplain, administered last rites.

A family has been left devastated at the loss of their son. The emotional, mental and financial turmoil will impact this family for a long time, as car accidents like this are forever engrained in people’s memories. In New Jersey, families may seek guidance from a proficient personal injury attorney to advise and help them find comfort and the answers they need for closure.

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