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Drunk driving accidents in New Jersey: Two brothers perish

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2017 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

A family is devastated by the loss of two brothers and a third who is being charged in their deaths after a deadly car accident. The crash happened on Sunday at 1:15 a.m. on Route 46 in Dover, New Jersey. Sadly, the consequences of drunk driving accidents will impact this family and all others involved forever.

A 36-year-old Dover man and his two brothers were out celebrating his birthday when the crash occurred. He claims to have only had two beers at a local club. The driver was unable to negotiate a turn or control the vehicle supposedly because his foot became stuck. One brother died at the scene, and the other passed away at Morristown Medical Center of his injuries. Two additional passengers were also injured.

The driver, who authorities claim may be undocumented, has been charged with death by auto and driving without a license. At the scene, police portrayed him as being unsteady and incoherent with slurred speech. A superior judge has ruled that he be detained in the Morris County Jail since he may be a flight risk. Additional charges may also be pending.

When lives are lost due to the negligence of others, families may be entitled to compensation. The emotional, mental and physical injuries can be staggering and may take years to recover. Victims of drunk driving accidents in New Jersey may contact a personal injury attorney. With his or her legal knowledge, a lawyer can assess the victims’ claims, determine what legal steps might be appropriate and provide strong, solid representation for all involved.

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