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Recent New Jersey car accidents: semi truck rear-ends minivan

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Car Accidents |

A serious two-vehicle accident occurred recently on the New Jersey Turnpike. State police say that the accident involved an 18-wheeler that rear-ended a minivan, injuring the driver of the minivan. When car accidents similar to these occur in New Jersey that are due to the negligence of other drivers, victims are typically entitled to file a personal injury claim against the party or parties believed to be responsible.

The accident occurred in South Brunswick around 3:30 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning in November. State police say that a 32-year-old man was driving the tractor-trailer on the southbound lane of the turnpike at the time he rear-ended a minivan that was being driven by a 48-year-old man. The tractor-trailer jackknifed and then burst into flames after the collision.

The truck driver wasn’t injured in the collision. However, the driver of the minivan was. He was rushed to a local hospital, where he received treatment for injuries of an undisclosed nature but that were not considered to be life-threatening. Fortunately, no other vehicles became involved in this crash but traffic was tied up for several hours.

When New Jersey residents are involved in car accidents like these, they might be burdened with several expenses related to the accident, including lost pay, medical bills and physical therapy. In order to obtain financial relief, a victim may decide to pursue a personal injury claim in a New Jersey civil court. However, in order to successfully navigate such a claim, sufficient evidence that shows driver error — or another form of negligence — must be gathered first. Individuals who find themselves in similar situations typically consult an experienced personal injury attorney to explore their options and see if they have a valid claim.

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