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Recent New Jersey car accidents: pickup and ambulance collide

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2015 | Car Accidents |

An ambulance that had been transporting an elderly patient was recently involved in an accident, local authorities say. After colliding with a pickup truck, the ambulance overturned. This left the patient as well as two other individuals who were in the ambulance seriously injured. When car accidents like these occur in New Jersey, the victims affected might be faced with mounting medical bills as well as lost pay that they incur while they recover from their injuries.

The accident occurred on a highway in Manchester Township on a recent Saturday afternoon around 2 p.m. According to the authorities, the ambulance was in the eastbound lane of Route 37. At the same time, the truck proceeded to cross the highway in the southbound lane of a crossroad, and the two collided. 

All individuals involved suffered injuries in the crash. The patient in the ambulance, a 73-year-old individual, as well as the driver of the ambulance and an additional passenger were all rushed to local hospitals, but the injuries they suffered in the crash were not life-threatening. The pickup truck driver also suffered minor injuries. However, that individual declined medical attention at the accident’s scene. The cause of this crash is currently still under investigation.

It has yet to be seen, but it is possible that personal injury claims may be filed in a civil court in relation to this car accident. If a New Jersey court issues a ruling that the pickup driver’s negligence either caused or contributed to the injuries that were suffered by the ambulance’s occupants, then damages may be awarded to each individual. Victims of similar kinds of car accidents typically choose to consult an experienced personal injury attorney in order to receive advice as well as assistance in the process of seeking financial relief from the parties who are deemed responsible.

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