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Recent New Jersey car accidents: crash leaves five injured

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2015 | Car Accidents |

When New Jersey residents are the victims of car accidents, the individuals’ lives can be changed, sometimes irrevocably. Between the damage to their vehicle and the recovery from injuries suffered in the accident, it can sometimes take a long time for the individuals to get back on the road feeling healthy and safe. When the car accidents are the result of the other driver’s negligence, some might be left wondering how they will pay for all of the damages incurred as a result of the car accident.

A recent two-car accident left several individuals injured, police say. It occurred in Hopatcong on a recent Wednesday afternoon. According to police, a 17-year-old male driver was headed northbound when, for reasons currently unclear, his vehicle drifted out of his lane and into oncoming traffic.

His vehicle then crashed into a van head-on, according to police. The van had been transporting seven adults with special needs. As a result of the collision, four individuals in the van were injured. One individual’s two teeth were knocked out, and that person also needed 46 stitches; another passenger suffered three broken vertebra in his neck; another suffered a broken ankle, and the yet another passenger suffered lacerations. The 17-year-old driver was also injured and taken to a nearby medical facility.

Based upon the preliminary evidence, it appears that the injured victims will have grounds to commence a personal injury lawsuit for financial relief against the other driver. A successfully presented claim may result in the entry of a monetary judgment, and any restitution that is paid might be used to help alleviate the financial burdens that are often imposed on the victims of serious car accidents, such as medical bills. Accident victims in New Jersey typically consult a personal injury attorney in order to assess the validity of a legal claim and to provide ongoing support in navigating the civil justice system.

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