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Recent New Jersey car accidents: Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Bicycles offer a wonderful sense of freedom as a means of transportation. Even though many New Jersey residents use their bicycles as a mode of transportation to and from work, most know that riding exposes them to increased levels of risk. When bicyclists are involved in car accidents, serious or even fatal injuries can result.

A recent car accident occurred in Edison and involved a car and a bicycle, according to the authorities. The police are currently asking the public for help in order to locate the car’s driver who is thought to be at fault for the hit-and-run accident. The car struck a 31-year-old bicyclist, causing the bicyclist to suffer serious injuries.

The victim was transported to a local medical center. He was treated for his injuries, which included multiple broken bones, as well as possible internal injuries. Officers from the local police department’s accident investigation group are currently looking for potential witnesses to this accident.

When individuals are seriously injured in car accidents in New Jersey, they may decide to pursue civil claims against the other drivers if they are determined to be at fault in the crashes. A successfully navigated personal injury claim sometimes results in monetary compensation that often helps the victim recoup some of the financial losses often associated with being involved in a car accident, including medical bills, as well as lost pay. Individuals often choose to consult attorneys who are experienced in handling personal injury claims to discern whether they have valid claims.

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