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Drunk driving accidents occur often in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2015 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

According to officers with the Little Egg Harbor Township Police Department, a 30-year-old New Jersey man is now facing DUI charges after his vehicle crashed into another vehicle last weekend. Many drunk driving accidents that occur can result in serious injuries or can end tragically. The man and his wife walked away unscathed, but their two daughters sustained injuries that resulted in one being flown by helicopter to a Camden medical center.

According to witness reports, the man’s vehicle ran a stop sign and rolled over multiple times before crashing into another vehicle. The man was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. Though he failed a sobriety test at the scene of the accident, the police department has not released any testing information, blood or breath analysis results.

If a person has been charged with DUI, they are facing a charge that can have serious negative outcomes that could follow them for the rest of their lives. The resultant possibilities range from suspension of their driver’s license all the way to incarceration. Those facing allegations of criminal offenses such as drunk driving in the state of New Jersey may want to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney.

An attorney who specializes in defending those charged in drunk driving accidents is very familiar with the potential results of those charges. They can help in such matters as preventing license suspension as well as ensuring that the defendant’s rights are protected. For example, if breath or blood field sobriety tests were performed, a good attorney can identify any errors that may have taken place in administering the test.

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