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Construction company safety violations spark fines for contractor

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction work is an industry that lends itself to workers being at risk for injuries. New Jersey workers should know their rights when they are injured on the job, especially with construction. A fundamental aspect of avoiding injury is for the employer to adhere to the safety standards that are in place. Unfortunately, many do not and this is a key factor in accidents and workers’ compensation claims.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is vigilant in taking negligent construction companies to task. One recent case resulted in a New Jersey contractor being fined more than $800,000. It also opens a window into what type of safety equipment and tactics are necessary so all construction workers know what employers are obligated to do.

Contractor exposed workers to myriad dangers

OSHA conducted an extensive investigation into the contractor’s worksites and how employees were protected while going about their duties. Starting in July 2023, they found workers were at risk of various job-related dangers, the most prominent being the possibility of falls. Since falls are one of the primary ways in which construction employers are seriously hurt and lose their lives, this is a significant issue.

The company does sheathing and wood framing for residential properties. OSHA’s investigation found workers were using portable ladders that were inappropriate for that type of work. They were also vulnerable because of using silica – which can be dangerous if people are exposed to it – and did not have the training for it. Other problems included working on machines without adequate protection and not having shields for eyes and face.

Workers injured due to employer negligence must know their options

Given the inherent dangers of construction work, accidents are sometimes inevitable. However, that does not mean that employers should not be aboveboard and follow all the requirements when protecting workers. If there is an accident and a worker is injured, the entire case needs to be scrutinized to determine how it happened. This is fundamental to a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers who are hurt can receive medical benefits, payment for lost income, disability benefits for the short and long-term and, if a person dies, benefits for family members. Having help with investigating the case and moving forward with a claim can be crucial to maximizing workers’ compensation benefits.