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Who is responsible for construction worker injuries?

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There are often many contractors involved in New Jersey construction projects. For example, if an office building is being constructed, there will likely be the main contractor who oversees the project and myriad subcontractors who specialize in specific areas.

This can help the project move along smoothly, but it can also stoke confusion as to who is responsible when there is an accident. An example could be if a roofer is injured because of defective equipment that their employer did not own or purchase. With these types of questions, it is important to understand the basic law for how employers must comply and what steps are available to hold those responsible for missteps.

Employers are responsible for worker safety

Employers must make sure they have a safe workplace, especially in construction. That includes providing the necessary safety equipment, conducting necessary inspections, having certifications, making sure workers are adequately trained and more.

Still, because these sites are inherently busy with many projects ongoing simultaneously, it is often unavoidable that accidents can happen. Determining who was responsible can be key.

In some cases, it is not the employer, subcontractors or colleagues, but the manufacturer of equipment who make the error. With the above example of the roofer, the defective equipment could be a cause of the accident and injury even if the employer, the supervisors and others did their duty in maintaining a safe workplace.

Vigilant and experienced workers who have a history on these types of projects are placing their trust in the equipment manufacturers to provide safe and effective items that will work as they are supposed to. Just as employers can be held responsible, so too can these manufacturers and those who sold the equipment.

This type of accident must be fully examined with the equipment itself analyzed. The defective equipment could be the responsibility of the manufacturer. This opens the possibility that they will need to be pursued as part of a legal claim.

In short, the entire case must be dissected by experienced people who know what to look for when plotting a course of action to get compensation for the injured party.

Construction accidents require comprehensive help when considering options

Construction work is one of the most dangerous types of employment. Workers can suffer broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain trauma, loss of limbs, cuts, bruises and soft tissue injuries that are difficult to accurately diagnose.

This can leave them off the job, in need of medical care and wondering what their financial and personal situation will look like.

For assistance in determining how to pursue workers’ compensation and if a personal injury cases is necessary, it is important to have experienced guidance from the outset. There are many options when seeking help, it is imperative to calculate all that was lost and to have trustworthy advice that understands all aspects of a work-related accident and injury.

The injured might not be well-versed in the legal requirements. Contacting trustworthy and caring people who know the terrain and can gauge the case, garner evidence of the work injuries and proceed can be fundamental to a positive result.