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Who do you sue when self-driving vehicles cause accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Users of YouTube or Reddit likely have seen videos of people abusing Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Mode.

While Tesla claims that a hand must be maintained on the steering wheel to remain engaged, these people have found ways around it, and are watching movies in the passenger seat, or even sleeping in the back seat.

These videos show just how dangerous these features can become in the hands of negligent drivers.

A nationwide problem

While these videos have been circulating for a couple of years now, car accidents that involve autonomous technology and fully autonomous vehicles are relatively common, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Indeed, hundreds of accidents occur every year, and many Americans have been killed or severely injured as a result.

Car accidents with fully automatic vehicles

New Jersey residents who have been involved in a car accident with an autonomous vehicle may be confused about the legal issues.

There is no driver after all. Do you sue the car?

Calling an attorney will definitely help clear your mind, but remember, just because the car is driven by artificial intelligence does not mean your only recourse is to sue a computer program. Instead, it just means that the liable human changes. Instead of it being a negligent driver, it is the negligent owner and manufacturer.

Car accidents with driver assistance technology involved

It is much more likely that our readers will be involved in a car accident with driver assistance technology, rather than a fully autonomous vehicle That is because there are millions of vehicles with driver assistance technology. A lot of them are capable of taking full control of the vehicle.

Some negligent drivers may try to put the blame for an accident on their car. Do not buy it. It is their car and their responsibility to operate it safely, which means what happens after the car accident will be the same as any other car accident.

Of course, the negligent driver could claim that they were not negligent, and that it was actually the vehicle that cause the car accident. However, that is an argument they would have to make in court and prove, and if there was validity to that argument, you can include the manufacturer in your personal injury lawsuit.