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Common motorcycle accident injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Many motorcyclists in New Jersey are taking advantage of the last days of summer to enjoy relatively pleasant riding conditions in the Garden State. With more riders on the roadways, now is a good time to remember a motorist’s duty to look out for motorcyclists while driving. Inattentive motorists can cause a motorcycle accident, and motorcyclists are vulnerable to many types of serious injuries if they are hit by a car.

Fatal injuries involving the head

It cannot be overstated how important it is to wear a motorcycle helmet when riding. If a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet, their chance of suffering a fatal head injury is much lower compared to motorcyclists who do not wear a helmet. Helmets that are more than five years old or that do not fit correctly should be exchanged for a newer, properly-fitting helmet.

Non-fatal injuries

While head injuries are incredibly common in motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists can seriously injure other parts of their bodies should a non-fatal crash occur.

A motorcyclist’s lower extremities, such as their legs or feet can be injured in a motorcycle crash. Specifically, bikers can break their tibia, fibula or femur in a motorcycle crash. According to one report, the tibia’s exposed position when operating a motorcycle makes it extra-vulnerable to injuries in a motorcycle crash

Neck injuries are also common. Motorcyclists can also injure their “upper trunk” or their “lower trunk.”

Hand and arm injuries can also occur in a motorcycle crash. Broken wrists are common, as are fractures of the humerus.

Can I seek compensation for my injuries?

If you suffer a serious injury in a motorcycle crash involving a motorist, you will likely be concerned not only about regaining your health but also about the many expenses that accompany healing, such as hospital bills, the costs of ongoing medical care and potential lost wages if you are unable to work.

Some people who find themselves in such situations choose to pursue legal action against the motorist involved in the crash. Motorcycle insurance often does not cover all your financial needs, and you could even be blamed for the crash even if it was not your fault.

A personal injury lawsuit based on the legal concept of negligence is one way you can seek the financial compensation you need to meet your many needs following a motorcycle accident.