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What types of injuries are sustained by home healthcare workers?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

When a home healthcare worker has been injured on the job, they may be left with no source of income and little means of caring for themselves. If you work in the home healthcare industry and have been injured in your workplace, it is valuable to know how workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help and how to obtain them.

Common workplace injuries for home healthcare professionals

Home healthcare work can be demanding physically and mentally. There are a variety of different types of injuries home healthcare aides may suffer while on the job caring for patients. The most frequent injury type among home healthcare workers are strains, sprains and tears.

These types of injuries accounted for 36% of reported injuries among home healthcare workers. Another frequent injury type is pain and soreness, which accounted for 26% of reported injuries. Bruises and contusions were another injury type commonly reported. Home healthcare workers can also be frequently exposed to secondhand smoke.

In addition, injuries that home healthcare workers sustain can keep them away from work for extended time periods. During 2018, 46% of reported injuries and illnesses kept home healthcare workers away from the job for 5 or fewer days, while greater than 26% required greater than 30 days away from work.

When a home healthcare worker has suffered an injury or illness that is work-related, they may wonder where to turn. Workers’ compensation benefits provide valuable protections and support for medical care costs and time away from work and are available for injuries and occupational illnesses.

Workers’ compensation benefits and how to access them are essential for injured home healthcare workers and they should be as familiar as possible with them.