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Tips for staying safe driving around trucks

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

There are many aspects of driving a motor vehicle in New Jersey that people can control. These are mainly their own decisions and driving techniques. They cannot control the road conditions or the choices other drivers make while driving. Knowing that people cannot control the actions of other drivers, many drivers take a defensive driving approach in order to avoid being in a motor vehicle accident.

This true for any type of vehicle on the road, but it is especially true if people are driving around large trucks. Being so much larger than the other vehicles on the roads, when trucks are involved in truck accidents, they can cause significant damage and cause serious injuries to those involved in the accident. That is why driving safely around trucks is very important.

How to drive safely around trucks

Driving safely around trucks requires different driving techniques though. Here are some tips for driving safely around them:

  • Pass trucks on the left side only and pass them quickly to avoid sitting in one of the blind spots for truck drivers
  • Try to avoid driving too close to trucks for long periods of times. This will protect people from hitting them if roads conditions are poor and also help avoid debris that may fly off the tires of trucks
  • Avoid using the high beams when travelling around trucks at night as they could temporarily blind the truck driver creating a very dangerous situation.
  • Signal turns well in advance of turns and do not make sudden turns when trucks are around. Trucks stop and maneuver much slower than most vehicles
  • This tip is good for driving in general, but especially important around trucks. Avoid distractions and do not use phones when driving around trucks.

Trucks are common on New Jersey roads. Following safe driving tips can help prevent some truck accidents and are important to follow, but unfortunately, they will not prevent all truck accidents. If the truck driver caused the accident, it is important that the victims receive compensation for their injuries. Many times the victims will suffer serious, life-changing injuries in truck accidents and they should not suffer both physically and financially as a result. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of this compensation and consulting with one may be beneficial.