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Construction workers are vulnerable to carpal tunnel syndrome

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

The initial perception of carpal tunnel syndrome often relates to office workers who type and use their hands to perform their duties. However, it can happen in other occupations. For New Jersey construction workers, certain injuries and conditions are more commonly linked to the type of tasks they do. Examples are falls, vehicle accidents, incidents with tools and items dropping from overhead. Still, carpal tunnel could be a problem for those who work in construction and it is important to understand how it relates to workers’ compensation benefits.

Facts construction workers should know about carpal tunnel

Technically, carpal tunnel is a nerve compression in the wrist. Construction workers who are required to perform work using their hands are at risk for it. Vibrating tools, gripping, flexing and other requirements could be the catalyst for it. Symptoms are experiencing burning or tingling; numbness; and feeling weak in the wrist, the surrounding parts of the hand and arm.

To prevent carpal tunnel, it is imperative to be vigilant. There are certain strategies that are directly applicable for construction workers. These include moving the way the wrist is intended; asking for changes to the work protocol if there are inadequacies with the work area and tools; reducing potential dangers by resting and avoiding leisure activities that involve the wrist and might aggravate lingering issues; taking steps to maintain flexibility such as strengthening and maintenance exercises.

Carpal tunnel syndrome could warrant workers’ compensation benefits

Carpal tunnel may need to be addressed by wearing a brace, taking medication or even having surgery. Obviously, construction workers generally need to use their hands, wrists, arms and entire bodies to perform their duties. If they are injured in any area, it can hinder or outright stop them from being able to work. When diagnosed with carpal tunnel, it is wise to know how to pursue workers’ compensation benefits that can cover medical expenses and in some cases provide a percentage of wages lost during the recovery period.