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Common power tool injuries on construction sites

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

If you work in the construction industry in New Jersey, you are bound to come into contact with power tools. Even if you don’t use power tools yourself, you probably work near them at some point during your day. Here are some of the most common power tool injuries that can happen on construction sites:

Blade injuries

The extremely sharp, spinning blade on a table saw is obviously dangerous. That’s why a blade guard should be used for almost all cutting jobs. However, there are certain precise cuts that require more clearance than a blade guard provides. To avoid contact with an exposed blade, construction workers should use safety tools like push sticks.

Trips and falls

When there are a lot of power tools being used at the same worksite, there may also be a lot of cords on the ground. It’s vital to keep the work area as clear of trip hazards as possible by creating a designated walking path that is free of cords. Power tools that are no longer being used should be cleared from the area.

Electrical shocks

Another potential hazard of working with power tools is electrical shock. Construction sites often contain exposed wiring that could create a high voltage shock if it comes into contact with an electrical device. When working with power tools, you should stay cognizant of any exposed copper wiring, frayed extension cords or water in your workspace.

Facial injuries

There is always the potential for objects to fly into your face while you’re using a power tool. A piece of sawdust could be irritating while a broken blade could cause a life-altering injury. Power tools should never be used without a face shield, or at least some eye protection.

What to do if you are injured on the job

If you were injured while using a power tool at your workplace, you may want to talk to a lawyer about filing a workers’ compensation claim. Your employer’s workers’ comp insurance may be able to cover your lost wages and medical expenses so that you can take enough time off to fully recover.