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Typical behaviors consistently cause car accidents in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Car Accidents |

New Jersey drivers may know what types of behaviors are common causes of auto accidents with injuries and fatalities, but that does not stop many from doing them and placing themselves and others at risk. Agencies and law enforcement keep track of why accidents occur to reduce their frequency. Statistics show how effective these strategies are. People should be cognizant of these issues to maintain safety. Still, some accidents cannot be prevented no matter how cautious people are and it is wise to understand the cause. This could be crucial when considering a legal filing.

Familiar behaviors caused most fatal accidents in 2019

New Jersey State Police released its analysis of the causes of fatal accidents in 2019. There were 524 fatal accidents overall and 558 people died. Three issues were the most common causes of fatal collisions: distraction behind the wheel, drivers who were under the influence of alcohol, and failure to yield. Their research shows that for the ninth consecutive year, distracted driving was the catalyst of the highest number of road fatalities.

Of the 524 accidents, 159 were due to distraction. These occurred on all types of roads – residential and the interstate – and extended to tractor trailer drivers whose living is contingent on driving safely and reaching their destination. DUIs caused 120 fatalities. That was a reduction from 2018 when there were 125 such accidents. In 73 of the fatal crashes, drivers failed to yield. Researchers were surprised by the spike in these collisions and that it surpassed the number of accidents due to speeding. In 2018, there were 44 failure to yield fatal accidents compared to 39 fatal auto accidents that were deemed to have happened because of speeding.

Determining the cause of auto accidents may require legal advice

When there is an auto accident, people can suffer from catastrophic injuries that will change their lives forever. They can also lose their lives negatively impacting loved ones in myriad ways. Hospitalizations, medical care, rehabilitation, lost time at work and the aftermath of a fatality will be costly financially, personally and emotionally. Understanding the cause of a crash is a fundamental aspect of a successful legal filing. For advice, it is wise to consult with a firm that has experience with personal injury cases to decide how to move forward.