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The dangers of taking pictures while driving

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Whether time seems to be going slow or fast, individuals often seek to capture moments and memorialize them on social media or by sharing them with others. While one may never know when they will encounter a time or event they want to capture by snapping a picture on their phone, the reality is that it should never be while operating a motor vehicle. Taking a picture with a phone causes a driver to take a hand or both hands off of the wheel, their eyes of the road and their mind off the primary task of driver, which means that it causes distracted driving in three ways.

Distracted driving and phone usage

Although it may be clear that using a phone while driving is dangerous, is not only something that many motorists still do, but it is also something that many motorists will admit to still doing despite knowing that it is dangerous.

A travel photographer has articulated the dangers of taking pictures while driving, as it was an act she had previously done. She admitted to knowing this was reckless, but stated that she did not put her phone down until a fatal crash involving a distracted driver impacted a friend of hers. Since then, she not only stopped using her phone while driving but has made it her goal to get to others to stop as well.

Campaigning to reduce distracted driving

As a travel photographer, she was aware of others in the same field. When she saw a picture with the statement that said it’s never been safer to text and driver, referring to the empty roads during quarantine, she made it her effort to get through to him like she has countless others. However, she reported that he continues to post photos and videos while driving. While she has changed the actions of some, this just illustrates that distracted driving will remain an issue even if the dangers are well known and apparent.

A car accident caused by a distracted driving can be a very tragic and devastating event. A victim could suffer severe injuries, resulting in significant damages due to medical treatment, lost wages and other losses. However, it is possible to seek recourses following a distracted driving accident. A victim could seek compensation through a personal injury action. This civil action could help hold a motorist liable and offset the losses suffered by the victim.