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Nursing home workers suffer significant on-the-job harm

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Illnesses and injuries are common among workers who serve the residents of nursing home communities. In New Jersey and throughout the nation, men and women who provide support to in need populations living in care and nursing home facilities are subject to hazards and harm that can leave them sick and hurting. When they fall victim to work-related ailments, they may have rights to seek workers’ compensation.

Common types of nursing home worker harm

The job of working in a nursing home is physical and stressful. Often, nursing home workers are required to lift and support their residents, and to use their strength and stability to keep the residents safe. When they do this, nursing home workers can suffer serious strains to their bodies, particularly their backs. Sprains, strains, and falls are all common injuries that nursing home workers suffer when they provide necessary and expected care to their residents.

Manipulation of patients is not the only way that workers suffer harm in nursing homes. It is an unfortunate truth that some workers are hurt by the very residents that they are charged to care for. Violence against nursing home workers is a serious and dangerous problem in some facilities.

There are a number of other ways that nursing home workers can get hurt while on the job. These illnesses and injuries can be serious and should be evaluated by medical professionals. The contents of this post provide no legal or medical advice.

What to do after a suffering on-the-job harm

Ailments arising from work-related duties can be compensable under the state’s workers’ compensation laws. In order to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, a worker must notify their employer of their ailment. There are timing requirements for this notice, so it is important that sick and injured workers conform to the schedules set for in the state’s statutes.

Getting compensation for a work-related ailment can be tricky but working with a workers’ compensation attorney can make it easier. There are no guarantees under the law, but legal guidance can help a struggling individual get the help and benefits that they need to move forward.