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What causes motorcycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents |

In the warm months, motorcycles appear everywhere. Whether or not the thrill a bike offers outweighs the safety risks of the vehicle is a question many people ask. The rider of a motorcycle knows the dangers of the vehicle, so why do motorcycle accidents still happen?

Thousands of people die in motorcycle accidents every year. What can people do to help prevent these accidents? Here are a few causes of accidents with motorcycles:

Changing lanes

Motorcycles take up considerably less space on the road, making them harder to see than trucks and cars. When a bike can fit entirely in the blind spot of a vehicle, it becomes much easier for accidents to occur. Both car drivers and cyclists need to be sure that other drivers can see them before a lane change, and that they know the area they are moving into is clear of other motor vehicles.


Speed limits are in place for many reasons, including giving motorists enough time to react to the road around them. When someone is speeding, it cuts the time a driver has to respond to an unseen motorcycle or sudden lane change to a faction of what they need.

Lane splitting

The urge to drive between lanes is every tempting for cyclists. Standing with a motorcycle in traffic can seem easily avoidable when the cyclist can drive between cars. The issue with this is that other drivers are not prepared for or expecting this kind of driving behavior, and they may not look for a motorcycle when changing lanes. It can come as a complete surprise when a motorcycle collides with them at 50 miles per hour.


When a driver decides to tailgate someone else for any reason, it strips them of their chances to react to sudden danger. If the tailgated person needs to make a sudden stop, the person tailgating them will likely collide with the person in front of them, since there were only a few feet between the two drivers.

Be aware

By giving other drivers the courtesy that they deserve as well as space they need to drive, we can all make the road a safer place for everyone. Take the extra moment to look for motorcycles on the road and to make sure other drivers can see you.