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3 categories of semitruck crash causes

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Semitruck crashes are serious events that can claim or dramatically change lives. It is easy to see how one of these large and heavy vehicles slamming into a smaller passenger vehicle would lead to catastrophic injuries. For these victims, finding out what happened often becomes a priority. Not only can this help them to find closure after the crash, it is also necessary if they opt to seek compensation for the damages they have to deal with.

Determining the cause of a semitruck crash isn’t always easy. There are several things that can contribute to one, so looking into the situation fully is usually necessary. The circumstances surrounding the crash will often tell the story of what happened.

Policy issues

Trucking companies often have policies that push the truckers to work even when they need to take some downtime. Unfortunately, this is often necessary so that they can remain competitive. It doesn’t make it any easier for the truckers though. The tight deadlines that come with loads are a primary example of why truckers might have a problem. They often can’t stop when they feel fatigued, and feel forced to drive the entire time allowed by the Hours of Service regulations. When this happens, determining which party is liable for the damages you suffered is necessary so you can name the appropriate one on the lawsuit.

Trucker error

Trucker error is another major factor in these crashes. When these professionals drive negligently or recklessly, people around them can suffer. Things like distractions and fatigue can make it difficult for them to drive safely, but these aren’t acceptable in any manner. These large trucks have specialized components that they must be trained to use. This training should be thorough so that the trucker doesn’t make errors as they drive. Even loading of the cargo must be done in a specific manner to help keep people on the roads safe.

Problems with the equipment

Equipment failure is also a problem. If anything on the rig is defective or not in good working order, an accident can occur. Things like the hitch, brakes and all connections should be double checked with each load to ensure that they are all in good working order. Anything that isn’t in good shape should be replaced or corrected prior to the trucker starting the haul.

For the individuals who are injured in crashes with semitrucks, seeking compensation can reduce the impact things like missed work and medical bills have on your finances. Because there are strict time limits to file these cases, you should get started as quickly as possible after the accident.