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What to do after a workers’ compensation denial

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An on-the-job injury can turn your life upside down. Not only are you faced with pain and suffering, but you must also consider the financial impact.

When you file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you hope to receive an immediate approval. This will allow you to receive regular payments until you’re able to return to work.

But there’s a potential problem lurking: a workers’ compensation denial.

A denial letter doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll never receive compensation. You have options, which include filing an appeal. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Review your denial letter: From top to bottom, review your denial letter to better understand the reason for the denial and the process of filing an appeal.
  • Focus on the cause of the denial: This is where you should turn most of your attention, as it will provide guidance on what to do next. Was your claim denied because of something you did? Was it denied because your employer is arguing that you weren’t injured on the job?
  • File an appeal: Your letter will tell you how much time you have to file an appeal, so make sure you proceed accordingly. If you miss the deadline, it’s even more difficult to obtain benefits in the future.

Some denials relate to nothing more than a minor misunderstanding or a lack of paperwork. For example, you may be able to submit additional documentation to settle your dispute.

Conversely, there are other denials that are much more complex, such as those in which your employer argues that you weren’t injured on the job. This requires you to take additional steps toward proving that this isn’t true.

No one wants to deal with a workers’ compensation denial when they’re already being treated for an injury. However, this money is owed to you, so you don’t want to sit back and miss out on it. The compensation you receive will give you financial peace of mind as you make a recovery.

You have legal rights as an injured worker, and it’s up to you to protect them.

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