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CMV brake inspection spree set for September 16 to 22

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Commercial motor vehicle drivers in New Jersey should know about Brake Safety Week, an annual brake inspection spree held by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. While the 2017 spree lasted a day, this year the CVSA has returned to a weeklong scheme, and it will be conducting mostly Level I inspections. These are 37-step inspections covering both vehicle mechanical fitness and driver operating requirements.

The issues that the CVSA will be looking for are manifold. Personnel will check the integrity of the air reservoirs, the size of the air chambers and the amount of wear on linings, pads, drums and rotors. They will note any air or hydraulic fluid leaks as well as any missing or loose parts. Braking efficiency will be measured in those 12 jurisdictions where performance-based brake testing equipment is used.

Vehicles with defective or out-of-adjustment brakes will be placed out of service. During last year’s event, this happened to 14 percent of vehicles. Brake-related violations are common, making up the majority of violations during the CVSA’s International Roadcheck back in 2017.

When brakes are improperly installed or not maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications, they can increase stopping distance and put other drivers in danger. Law enforcement agencies are conducting outreach efforts to drivers and owner-operators in the effort to ensure a successful Brake Safety Week.

Trucking companies may be held liable if one of their fleet gets into an accident due to poorly maintained truck parts. Victims, for their part, can seek out a truck accident attorney to see if they have the grounds for a claim. Even if they were partially responsible for their injuries, such as by failing to wear a seatbelt, they might still receive compensation. The attorney may decide to hire experts to gather evidence, and he or she could negotiate for a settlement.