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CVSA to crack down on moving violations in July

On Behalf of | May 22, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Unsafe driving behaviors are the leading cause of all highway crashes according to a study from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They contribute to a startling 88 percent of all crashes involving passenger vehicles and 93 percent of all large truck crashes. Responsible drivers in New Jersey may be wondering what is being done to prompt others to curb these behaviors.

This is where the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance comes in. Back in 2007, it launched the Operation Safe Driver Program to prevent highway injuries and deaths through stricter enforcement. Every year, it designates one week as a period for nationwide enforcement. This year, the Operation Safe Driver Week will begin July 15.

During that week, enforcement officials will be inspecting the highways for unsafe driving behaviors like speeding, driving too closely to other vehicles, texting while driving and making improper lane changes. Local and state moving violations made up the majority of the 39,000 citations and warnings issued during last year’s Operation Safe Driver Week. Drivers were cited for failure to wear a seat belt, cellphone use, failure to obey traffic control devices and other violations. In last year’s event, only 18 truck drivers were cited for driving while fatigued or ill, and 86 were issued warnings.

Under truck accident law, victims of truck collisions may file a claim against the company that employed the negligent driver. Before filing, however, they can request a case evaluation from a lawyer and even hire him or her to strengthen the case. Lawyers who work in accident law might bring in third parties to reconstruct the accident and check work logs or in-cab cameras for proof of negligence. Lawyers may then be able to negotiate for an informal settlement or litigate.