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New Jersey animal bites: Pooch impounded after attack on neighbor

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Everyone loves man’s best friend, but a 40-pound American Bully is now facing a death sentence because he escaped from his home and bit a neighbor. It is now up to a judge to determine if the animal poses a risk to public safety and should be destroyed. New Jersey has a strict liability law that holds dog owners accountable for animal bites.

The dog, named Tank, slipped from his home through an open door and ran to a neighbor’s house where other dogs were playing in the yard. A woman followed and was trying to put a leash on the dog with the help of the man who lives there when the canine lunged and bit the man in the face. The injuries were so severe that the victim required plastic surgery to repair the damage to his face.

Tank was given a 30-day reprieve as long as his owner followed strict rules and regulations to erect a permanent, escape-proof shelter that the dog must be kept in at all times. The owner will also need to obtain a one-million-dollar liability insurance policy, have Tank micro-chipped and agree to monthly inspections by animal control officers. Tank remains sequestered at the local animal control facility.

It is a tragedy when an animal bites someone. The neighbor has endured countless surgeries and medical procedures and will no doubt suffer financial hardship because of this dog. New Jersey and other states hold owners liable for damages inflicted upon others by their pets. A personal injury attorney can examine the situation and determine if the injured party is entitled to compensation for injuries sustained.

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