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Dog bites kill dozens of Americans every year

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | Back Injuries |

Imagine that you are running down the street one day as you try to keep in shape. Your runs are usually uninterrupted, allowing you to get healthy and find some peace after a stressful day. But this run is different. As you pass a yard that always has a dog in it, the dog looks at you and suddenly attacks. It isn’t tethered to anything, nor is it secured. The dog simply bolts for you, attacking an gnashing its teeth.

You suffer some severe injuries before the owner is able to get outside and break up the attack.

These circumstances unfortunately happen all the time, and they leave people with horrible injuries that can range from severe scarring and broken bones, to permanent, catastrophic, or even fatal harm. According to data from 2016, 31 Americans were killed as a result of a dog attack. In these attacks, 71 percent of the dogs were pit bulls. A similar percentage plays out when looking at fatal dog attacks in the U.S. from 2005 to 2016. 392 people died due to dog attacks, and 65 percent of these deaths were caused by a pit bull.

Pit bulls cans be good dogs, certainly. Their training and socialization play a huge role in their behavior and demeanor. But they are powerful dogs that can cause horrible injuries if they are provoked or if they choose to attack. The owner has a huge responsibility to keep his or her dog secured and well-trained. Failing this, they can be held liable after an attack.

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