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Car accidents involving wrong-way drivers often end in tragedy

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A serious car accident left a 65-year-old man fighting for his life and a woman facing charges. The crash happened at 10:30 p.m. On a recent Monday night on Route 17 South in New Jersey. Authorities say the woman was driving the wrong way in the northbound lane when she crashed head-on into another vehicle. Car accidents involving wrong-way drivers often end tragically. 

When officers arrived on the scene, they found two vehicles with significant damage to their front ends and two people trapped in their cars. Both drivers were freed from the wreckage and transported to Hackensack University Medical Center. The male victim is in critical condition, and the woman driver is listed as serious. The accident closed the road to traffic until Tuesday morning.

While extricating the woman from her car, authorities found five bags of heroin in the vehicle.  She is charged with possession of a controlled substance and assault by auto. In addition to the possession and assault charges, She was accused of possession of a controlled substance in a motor vehicle, wrong way driving on a divided highway and reckless driving.

Accidents like this are often the result of someone’s negligence. Car accidents resulting in serious injury can devastate victims and their families. Mounting hospital bills, lost wages and the pain and suffering of long-term recovery programs are just the beginning. In New Jersey, those suffering from debilitating injuries may benefit from speaking with an attorney. A personal injury lawyer can examine the evidence and determine if there are grounds for legal action.

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