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Car accidents involving speeding are often fatal

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A family is in mourning today after their daughter and sister’s lifeless body was pulled from the icy waters of the Delaware River. The 23-year-old waitress, who was still strapped in the car by her seatbelt, was pronounced dead at Lourdes Medical Center. In New Jersey, stiff criminal penalties may apply to those who leave the scene of fatal car accidents.

The driver, a 24-year-old male, was seen traveling at a high rate of speed and struck a parked van before catapulting over the river wall into the frigid waters. Police say the man was able to escape from the submerged car with the help of bystanders, and he purportedly fled the scene, leaving his girlfriend to die. Witnesses account that the driver asked them to help his girlfriend as he ran away. 

Police K-9 tracked the driver to a nearby rail station where he was removed from the train and arrested. He is being charged with causing death while driving, leaving the scene of a fatality, driving while suspended and endangering an injured victim. He is in jail in Burlington County awaiting a court appearance.

Car accidents that result in loss of life are tragic, but it is especially heinous when a young life is cut short because of someone else’s negligence. The catastrophic chain of events that lead up to this young woman’s death will forever haunt this family. In New Jersey, the family may benefit from consulting with an attorney who can assess their situation and determine if there are any legal options available to them.

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